Feedback from Customers about Helen

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I've been pleased with Helen and use it exclusively now with JavaHelp. It integrates easily with DreamWeaver, so I use DW as my authoring tool and Helen as my project organizer.

Thanks again for the great work--I'm really enjoying using Helen.

Paul Fussell
Technical Writer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The following is a quotation from the JavaHelp Interest mailing list (click here to go to the original posting in the archive):

If you are interested in a good help authoring tool to create JavaHelp, I recommend the Helen help authoring tool offered by the Software7 company. I heard about this tool on this list and downloaded a trial version, and after giving it a try we bought several copies for help authors at LSI.

We have hand coded the XML metadata files for our JavaHelp systems in a text editor since 1999 (Ugh). Over the past few years the files have grown larger and harder to maintain and validate. The HATs we tried before were unsatisfactory but this tool is very well done. It's focused exclusively on creating JavaHelp systems and offers a very nice GUI. The tool integrates well with an external HTML editor, or provides a native editor for the HTML topics. I highly recommend the tool to folks wanting an easy way to create JavaHelp systems.

For more information, or to download a trial version, visit

--- LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc.

HELEN is a very good application. It has already saved me a lot of time and effort. Using HELEN's Import wizards, I converted existing projects, then re-organized indexes and TOC's in minutes. Previously, these were hand-coded and any work on them took much longer. Now I maintain them with the user-friendly GUI.

I particularly like the Checking and Map ID tools.

Software7's support team were excellent during the Beta phase. I am looking forward to using HELEN in a production environment.

Matthew Donovan
Documentation Coordinator
Schlumberger Information Solutions
Stavanger, Norway

The following is a quotation from Knopf Online's web site (click here to read the complete article):

This tip provides a short list of alternative authoring tools that, in our experience, produce excellent JavaHelp output and in many cases will be better suited to the needs of the typical JavaHelp author.

Helen: A low-cost alternative designed exclusively for JavaHelp

Helen is an authoring tool designed specifically and exclusively for authors producing online Help in JavaHelp format. With Helen, you can author Help topics using the editor of your choice, and use Helen to bring all the topics together, build the TOC and index, and produce the final output in JavaHelp format. The software costs less than $200.

Visit Software7’s Helen page

David A. Knopf
Knopf Online
18 Bonview Street
San Francisco, USA

I was able to quickly import my RoboHelp project into Helen and generate a functioning JavaHelp. These two programs worked very well together. If you need to generate JavaHelp on a regular basis, I DEFINITELY recommend this software!

Paula R Stern
WritePoint Documentation Services, Israel

Finally a tool, that can be used to create a Online help really fast and efficient. We are very satisfied, especially because we almost created the Online Help without a period of vocational adjustment.

Manfred Stetz
Head of Development
United Planet GmbH
Freiburg, Germany